Statutory Audit
The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance provides that a person can only be appointed as auditor if he is qualified under the professional accountants ordinance and we are one of these. We have been auditing clients of various industries and are familiar with the accounting system of different categories of companies. It enables us to evaluate the internal control of our clients and design an effective way of auditing. We also provide auditing services for special purpose/request and we are acting as auditors of several property owner's corporations.

Our aim is to report tax liabilities of our client in a precise and timely way. We also assist in finding the way to save tax legally and practicably. Our services include completion and submission of tax returns for Salaries Tax, Profits Tax of Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Limited Company. We also assist in acting as tax representative for clients with tax enquiries or tax investigation from Inland Revenue Department.
Secretarial Services
We can provide hundreds of ready-made company names for choosing by clients with urgent need. The whole incorporation procedures can be completed within 2 days. We also assist in the formation of tailor-made companies using the company name preferred by customers, the time required is only 10 to 14 days. Other services include filing of annual return, submission of information of directors/shareholders/secretary, deregistration or winding up of limited companies. We provide registered office and redirection services to our customers. We can also provide secretarial service at an annual retainer fee.

Computerized Bookkeeping
We make use of accounting software which can update the accounting records in an efficient way. The service can be provided in a monthly/quarterly/semi-annually or annually basis. Various reports such as ageing analysis and subsidiary accounts of debtors/creditors, percentages of sales of each product to the turnover and the monthly trend of sales can be provided.